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2018 Yeti Dealer Event

The 2018 summer riding season saw temperatures chase people up into the mountains. Raise your hand if this was the case for you. While many of us didn’t make it up high as frequently as we’d have liked, the third week of September saw the fever break. Temperatures fell back into a reasonable range for pedaling down here on the Front Range.

Bike manufacturers tend to release new bikes this time of year. True to form, Yeti introduced their SB130 and SB150 in late August and early September with a healthy dose of press buzz. Smaller specification changes to existing bikes went generally overlooked, but should help flesh out the lineup for folks looking to get into a new Yeti, even if 29ers are not in their wheelhouse. For instance, a redesign in the stalwart SB5’s rear triangle allows riders to use up to a 2.8 inch tire. The bike comes spec’d with 2.6 inch rubber out of the box.

With the dust settling, Yeti hosted an informal gathering of dealers at their facility for a quick run-down on the nascent lineup and those abovementioned changes. It was also an opportunity to ride the new bikes moving toward the 2019 model year.

With temperatures climbing up out of the mid-fifties, three of us snuck away and rode the new SB130 at Apex in Golden. After a minor user-error mechanical (you can chalk it up to being over-eager; also, hi Cate) and 40 minutes of climbing later, we piloted these new bikes through some rough, tight, technical descents, as well as some up-and-down, punchy terrain.

Expect a review of this bike forthcoming, but what I can tell you so far is this: the stability on the descent was as expected, given the revised geometry (it’s really good). The welcome surprise was how familiar the bike felt climbing. Like the outgoing SB4.5, on which I’ve spent a good number of hours, the bike really moves uphill. AJ jumped back out on the trail for a lap on the SB150, so track him down if you’re interested in feedback on that bike.

We rounded out the day with parking-lot bratwursts and a few of Golden’s famous banquet beers. The key to a really tasty brat is how you dress it. I lined mine with tomatoes, spicy brown mustard, and red onions. I caught up with some old shop friends (Hi Wayne), and slapped some hi fives around. Phil and I talked about his elbow break and his upcoming dirt bike races in West Texas.

Yeti opens its showroom to the public on weekdays. You can reserve one of their current lineup bikes for a short-term demo through their website. Longer-term demo’s can be made through our website, depending upon availability.

By Jonathan Fey 

WRC Fit Technician and Sales Associate