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Cycling Clothing

Cycling Clothing

The days of wearing spandex and cotton blended t-shirts thankfully are long behind us. Today’s Cycling apparel is technical blending many different textiles together to get high performing gear designed to work together to keep us dry, warm, comfortable, safe and even faster. Wheat Ridge Cyclery has the latest and greatest cycling apparel. We carry a wide range of styles to meet each different rider’s needs, from the recreational cyclist to the high performing athlete.

Outerwear- Cycling outerwear is your first line of defense against the elements when you are riding your bike.  Outerwear such as cycling jackets and cycling shells can block the wind from penetrating down to other layers. Outerwear can be simple and stuff-able or can be a complex blend of high performing materials that block the wind, keep you warm, and breathe at the same time. 

Jerseys/Tops- Cycling Jerseys are an important component to the cycling kit. Wheat Ridge Cycling carries functional cycling jerseys that will help keep the rider cool on warm days or warm on cool days depend on what jersey you are wearing. Cycling jerseys can be form fitting or a little bit loose for a more casual style. Cycling Jerseys are designed to fit a rider when riding on a bicycle and they can range from high performance to basic in design.

Baselayers- A cycling base layer is the first piece of clothing you put on your skin. There are 2 main jobs of a baselayer: keep the body dry and maintain core body temperature. There are also 2 types of baselayers, baselayers for cold days and base layers for warm days.  Baselayers are a must for any serious rider.

Cycling Bib Shorts- Cycling Bib Shorts are cycling shorts with straps similar to overalls that keep the cycling bib shorts in place while you are riding the bike. Cycling Bib Shorts move with the body regardless if you are riding in the drops descending or standing in an effort going up a hill. Cycling Bib Shorts make long days in the saddle better.

Cycling Shorts- Cycling Shorts are just like cycling bib shorts however they do not have the straps. Some people prefer the easier to put on shorts for commuting or recreational cycling. Cycling Shorts are available in high performance as well.

Cycling Tights- Cycling tights can come in a few different styles, there are tights with and without a chamois and there are even cycling bib tights with straps like overalls to keep the cycling tights in place when you are working hard on the bike. Cycling tights are to keep you warm in the winter and are an essential part of every rider’s wardrobe. 

Accessories- Short Finger Gloves, Long Finger Gloves, Arm Warmers, Knee Warmers, Leg Warmers, Beanies, Cycling Caps are all must haves when it comes to cycling.