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Cycling Helmets

Cycling Helmets

Wheat Ridge Cyclery has a wide range of cycling helmets, we carry everything from a full faced downhill mountain bike helmet to a light weight high performance road helmet. Wheat Ridge Cyclery believes that a helmet should be functional, fashionable and safe. Our wide range of cycling helmets will meet all of your expectations and needs as a cyclist.

Why do cycling helmets range in price?

Helmets vary in price for 3 main reasons, venting, weight and fit. As the price in a helmet goes up so does the amount of venting, keeping your head cool as air passes through the vents, the materials used in the construction get lighter as well, and the fit can improve with softer straps and more complex design features. However all helmets meet the same safety standards required by law.

Wheat Ridge Cyclery has aero helmets too!