September 18, 2016

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By Steve Acuna

The all new Yeti SB5+ has just arrived at Wheat Ridge Cyclery. With the addition of 27.5+ tires the Yeti SB5+ offers unparalleled stability and traction. Equipped with 5 inches of ample travel you have a bike that is nearly unstoppable on just about any terrain. Yeti’s Switch Infinity suspension platform and smart frame design will bring ease to mucky soggy trails, loose gravel and essentially any trail condition you can throw at this bike.

The Yeti SB5+ is not just another trail bike that has been modified to fit 27.5+ size tires. This bike has been reengineered from the ground up to work optimally with the plus size tires. No switches to filp, no adaptors, no nada, just huge traction, 5 inches of travel, and a super fun high performance trail bike.

Stop by and check it out.

SB5+ TURQ XO1 Eagle

Unparalleled traction and 5 inches of trail proven travel