September 25, 2018

By Evan Lee

The Turbo Levo from Specialized was introduced in 2015 and was immediately heralded as one of the best handling of this new breed of pedal assist mountain bikes. Many other makers followed suit with their own innovations and soon the Turbo Levo had real competition.

Specialized’s credo of “Innovate or Die” kept the drive going in R&D, though, and for 2019 Turbo Levo has been completely reimagined, redesigned and improved, thoroughly from the ground up.

Specialized enlisted a team of 19 engineers who spent three years in making Turbo Levo into this remarkably capable 150mm travel e-MTB that looks and rides more like a traditional mountain bike that just happens to have a motor.. Some highlights:

Significantly lighter, like 800 grams lighter, most of which is shaved from the bottom bracket / motor area.

Features modern and dialed-in 29er geometry. Based on the completely reworked Stumpjumper, Turbo Levo is fully progressive with a longer reach and slacker angles. The chainstays are shortened and the center of gravity, while lower that previous iterations, still offers more pedal clearance. There’s also a flip chip for those wanting to dial in that bb height and head angle even more, and accommodate wheel size choice.

Operates from a new and improved battery that is lighter and offers 40% more range. The battery is fully encased in the down tube and the cells are strategically placed along its length for optimal weight distribution.

New electronics and a Mission Control app that lets you customize many of the motor’s fine points, such as controlling range and monitoring power usage, record and upload rides, and perform basic system diagnostics.. The new switch and Turbo Connect unit are conveniently located on the top tube just behind the stem. The same three power levels of previous models are here – Eco, Trail, and Turbo – and Specialized has added another: Shuttle. This setting allows you to reach maximum motor output with less required pedaling force. Get those fast loops in at lunch time when time is tight!

The new Turbo Levo FSR from Specialized is available now, in stock and ready to ride in three models – stop by for a test ride today!


An eMTB that rides like an MTB