October 17, 2017

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By Brandon Anderson


With all of the different bike options and riding styles popping up these days, you may be itching to take your road riding slightly off-road in the spirit of getting lost in adventure. We can help!

People are redefining what road riding is, ditching the skinny tires for larger volume, dirt-ready versions and opting to strap on a frame bag and hit the road less traveled. Car on cyclist collisions are increasing and cities are becoming more and more hampered by the effects of heavy traffic congestion, allowing this new segment of “adventure cycling” and gravel road or “groad” riding (as self-described “groadies” affectionately refer to it) to fast become the safer and less stressful alternative to traditional methods of road cycling. We know to a lot of you bikepacking and adventure enthusiasts will argue that adventure and gravel riding is nothing new (didn’t we use to call it touring?) but the technology and gear available to modern riders is definitely worth taking notice of, especially when it comes to bags and on-bike storage options.

One of the companies that consistently deliver when it comes to the “adventure by bike” segment is industry leader Salsa Cycles. They not only produce the right bikes for the job but they also provide any parts and accessories you may end up needing along the way - including bags with multiple mounting options specific to their proprietary frame geometries.


Recently, we outfitted the new Salsa Cutthroat Rival 1 with an array of Salsa’s house brand EXP Series bags and not only did it manage to look even cooler but it was begging to be taken off of the floor and onto the Colorado Trail for an extended ride. At the center of things is Salsa’s EXP Cutthroat Frame pack, which provides ample room to pack for trips spanning multiple hours or multiple days, especially when combined with Salsa’s expandable EXP seat pack and EXP Cradle Mount handlebar bag. Seriously, you may feel as if you will never have to return home for supplies with all of the stowage space present in the entire line of EXP bags. Another storage option that pairs seamlessly with the EXP line is Salsa’s Anything frame and fork mount bag. This bag is designed to be used in conjunction with Salsa’s anything cages and provides an added water proof storage option that can be easily attached to any one of the plethora of frame and fork mount bosses present on bikes in the Salsa lineup.


Features: Weather-resistant welded in seam design, pre-cut holes for mounting bolts/hardware, Close cell foam internal structure for stability and protection, internal mesh pockets, 2 way zippers for easy access.

Materials:  500D Nylon with TPU lamination and PU coating, 1000D Polyester with dual sided TPU lamination, #10 weather-resistent YKK zippers, Duraflex Hardware  

Construction method: Hand-cut and sewn waterproof fabric with welded-in zipper construction, alloy hardware, taped/waterproof seam construction.

Dimensions: Varies between styles.


Not only do Salsa’s line of bags serve the hardcore adventure cyclist but they also make for the perfect addition to commuter setups allowing those who ride all year long in varying seasons and weather conditions to arrive at their destination with a dry, clean set of clothes or shoes to change into. Whether you are riding the Colorado Trail or just looking to get from point A to point B Salsa has the bag to suit our needs. 


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