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Triathlon Bikes

Triathlon bikes

At Wheat Ridge Cyclery we have partnered with three of the best Triathlon bike manufacturers.  Whether you are looking to complete your first triathlon or your 10th Ironman, Wheat Ridge Cyclery has the Tri bike for you.

Specialized Shiv


  • Shiv Pro Race $6,440
  • Shiv Expert $3,820
  • Shiv Elite $3,059

Specialized Alias


  • Alias Sport 105 $2,450


Cervelo P5


  • Cervelo P5 DuraAce Di2 $10999

Cervelo P3


  • Cervelo P3 Ultegra 6800

Trek Speed Concept


  • Speed Concept 7.5 $4,299


Why do I need a Tri Bike?

Why should you ride a Tri Bike versus riding a road bike with clip-on aerobars?  The answer is simple:  Speed.

Triathlon bikes utilize much different geometries than road bikes.  A shorter top tube and taller head tube make riding in the aero position possible, allowing for a more open hip to drive power through the pedals.  Riding more forward on the bike allows a rider to ride comfortably in the aero position for extended periods, maintain efficiency, and preserve the legs for a good run off the bike.

A crucial aspect of riding well on a Triathlon Bike is influenced by your position on the bike – it is very important to get a professional fit from one of our skilled bike fitters.  Trust us, when you leave transition and head out on the run you don’t want back pain at mile 1 of a 26.2 mile effort!

Stop by today and a triathlon expert at Wheat Ridge Cyclery will help you find your next speed machine!

Off Road Triathlon? Yeah we do that too

Xterra Triathlon, also known as Off Road Triathlon, takes road triathlon to a whole new level. Combining the skill of mountain biking with the Swim and Run of triathlon, Xterra athletes will be happy to discover Wheat Ridge Cyclery has all your bike needs.  With our wide range of mountain bikes in lots of different styles and price points, making the transition from the swim to the run will be as smooth as ever.