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These new race courses demanded new designs from bike makers to answer the demands of the trails that are now far steeper and chunkier than traditional XC courses. To answer this need Specialized answered with a slightly slacker head angle and slightly longer chainstays and wheelbase for stability and increasing the reach and stack a bit as well. All of this results in a race bike that provides a bit more comfort than previous iterations. Suspension on these XC racers has been completely reevaluated and upgraded – enter Brain 2.0. The OG Brain changed the way riders considered rear suspension, benefits and drawbacks alike, and now the new Brain will likely do the same. It’s been moved closer to the rear axle, to the most sensitive spot, and it now reacts seamlessly to bump forces with a more consistent damping performance. And get this: the hoses have been integrated into the suspension links for that smoove look, while also improving oil paths that enhance performance and feel. Frame stiffness? Upgraded as well!

2018 Specialized

Epic Expert

Designed for the go-fast cross-country race crowd, the Epic series from Specialized is ready to tackle the modern, more technically challenging XC race courses.

  • Full FACT 11m carbon frame
  • Custom RockShox SID suspension fork with Brain, RockShox Micro Brain shock
  • SRAM GX Eagle 12-speed
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